Are you missing one or more teeth?  Don’t feel bad – tooth loss is incredibly common!  In fact, statistically,  some people will have lost a dozen teeth by the time they’re fifty.  Even adults in their 30s and 40s have about a 2/3 chance of having lost at least one tooth.

However, you should not let tooth loss continue.  There are numerous options for restoring lost teeth and – all things being equal – getting dental implants is usually the best option.  Here are just a few reasons you should look into dental implants, if you need to replace some teeth.

Five Benefits To Dental Implants Over Other Options

1 – Implants are easy to care for

Implants look, act, and feel exactly like your natural teeth.  They’re permanently set in your jaw, and can last for decades.  This also means they require no special care beyond standard brushing and flossing.  You don’t have to clean them separately like dentures, for example.

Plus, they’ll never get cavities!

2 – You don’t have to make dietary changes

One of the biggest problems with dentures and other removable false teeth is that they can require significant changes to what you eat, and how you eat.  Not so with implants!  You’ll be able to enjoy all the same foods you currently do, with no lifestyle changes needed.

3 – Implants are indistinguishable from natural teeth

If you have implants placed by a qualified dentist, no one will even know they’re false.  They can be molded and colored to match your other teeth.  It’s just like having your original teeth back.

4 – Talk normally 

Having missing teeth, as well as dentures, can impact how you speak.  People who get dentures often have to “re-learn” how to talk with them.  Getting implants skips over this hassle, and the embarrassment that might come with it.

5 – Prevent bone deterioration

This is maybe the best reason of all to get implants.  Your body “expects” to have teeth set in your jawbone, and if teeth are missing, that can cause the bones themselves to deteriorate.  This can make it easier to have other dental-related problems, such as teeth shifting out of alignment.  In severe cases, this bone deterioration can even change the shape of your face!

Dentures won’t prevent this deterioration, but implants will.  They’re the best way to prevent any unwanted changes to your skull, jaw, or face.

So if you’re missing teeth, don’t delay – contact Princeton Center for Dental Aesthetics & Implants, 609-924-1414.