Root Canal Therapy with a Holistic Approach

At Princeton Center for Dental Aesthetics and Implants, root canal therapy is a state-of-the art approach used to treat deep decay and other damage that occurs in the interior portion of the tooth (the pulp) so the tooth can be preserved.  Avoiding extraction maintains your natural bite balance to prevent uneven wear and jaw pain, plus it’s much less costly to preserve your own tooth than to extract it and replace it with a dental bridge or implant. Our procedure is completed in one visit in most cases.

root canal

Root Canals without the Worry

Root canals are performed in much the same way as a ‘normal’ filling procedure, but the instruments are designed to access the deeper portions of the tooth so the decay and damaged areas can be carefully removed.  Once the damaged portion of the tooth is removed, the area is cleaned and use of ozone gas is applied to ensure the highest level of disinfection of the canals prior to sealing the tooth. Lastly a crown will be placed on the tooth.

At Princeton Center for Dental Aesthetics and Dental Implants, we use the most advanced pain management methods to reduce or eliminate discomfort during and after treatment so patients can get the care they need without anxiety.  We offer a range of pain management techniques, ranging from localized numbing anesthetics to oral conscious sedation that allows you to have your root canal procedure while in a completely relaxed and comfortable state.

Will I Need a Crown Following My Root Canal?

Yes, crowns are an important part of the tooth restoration process, providing additional protection and strength to a tooth once an extensive portion of the tooth’s “living” interior has been removed. Without a protective crown, the treated tooth is far more likely to break or experience other types of trauma that can lead to an extraction in the future.

Princeton Center for Dental Aesthetics and Implants is a trusted provider of root canal procedures for over 30 years.  To find out more about our advanced dental care techniques call 609-924-1414 today to learn more about our root canal therapy.