Holistic Dentistry-A Whole Body Approach to a Healthy Smile for Princeton

Sometimes referred to as biologic dentistry, holistic dentistry is based on the understanding that oral health has a direct and indirect bearing on your overall health.

We recognize the impact of materials and relate it to your dental and physiological health. Our dentists are concerned with the integrity of the oral cavity and use materials and procedures that are systematically compatible.We choose biocompatible materials for your dental health treatment based on the results of your Clifford Test.

At Princeton Center for Dental Aesthetics and Implants, we remove mercury fillings by following IAOMT protocol:
The methods described below have been checked with the aid of The Mercury Vapor Detector by the IAOMT and have been found to reduce mercury vapor in the air that the patients and dental staff breathe.

Cut and chunk, keep it cool

  • Most of these suggestions are simple and obvious, physical techniques that reduce exposure. By removing an old amalgam by slicing across it and dislodging big chunks, you will aerosolize less of the contents than if your grind it all away. If you keep it under a constant water spray while cutting, you will keep the temperature down, and reduce the vapor pressure within the mercury.


  • Our best tool for removing mercury vapor and amalgam particulates from the operating field is our high volume evacuation (HVE). A highly effective HVE adjunct is the “Clean-up” suction tip, which has an enclosure at the end that surrounds the tooth you’re working on. It dramatically reduces the spatter of particles, directing them efficiently into the suction tube.

Use of a rubber dam
Cover the skin

Covering the patient’s face with a barrier will prevent spattered amalgam particles from landing on the skin, or the eyes. The barrier can be as simple as moist paper towel, or as elaborate as a surgical drape.

Supplemental Oxygen
Filtration of the air: air purifiers, negative ion generators

Dental Care that Focuses on Holistic Health Practices

We take pride in providing you with the highest quality Holistic dentistry. There are many aspects of our practice that differentiate us from other “Holistic Dentists”. A good example of this is that we utilize only ozonated water during all dental procedures, as well as ozonated gas. We prescribe supplements that should be taken before and after dental procedures to assist in healing. Plus in addition to assessing issues that affect the mouth and gums directly, we as holistic dentists are also skilled in identifying issues that begin in the oral cavity, which may also cause issues in other parts of the body as well.

Download Our Holistic Guide

Princeton Center for Dental Aesthetics and Implants is a trusted holistic dental care practice, and, we encourage a discussion of the benefits of holistic dental approaches. Call 609-924-1414 today to learn more about the benefits of our holistic dentistry.