Teeth whitening is simple with the professionals at Princeton Center for Dental Aesthetics and Implants.

Over the counter home whitening treatments often fail to produce the desired results. In some cases, they may even damage teeth or gums. When you trust your whitening to the experts, you can rest assured of a safe, pain-free process and much better results.

A combination of methods can be used to produce and sustain whitening. At the Princeton Center for Dental Aesthetics and Implants, the cornerstone of our approach is a high concentration peroxide gel that can yield amazing results in as little as twenty minutes.Our whitening menu includes:



The KOR® System (deep whitening)-combination of in-office and home whitening (first in office session, 14 nights home whitening, second in office session); custom made trays included.

The ZOOM® System-A 2-hour in-office procedure using professional strength material and Ultraviolet light. Custom made whitening trays for home maintenance included.

Home Whitening System-Custom made trays and whitening material for 14 days. Home whitening provided.

On the Go-a set of seven upper and lower pre-filled disposable trays to be worn once a day.

Good Candidates for Teeth Whitening

Adults of virtually any age can benefit from whitening. However, there are some who may see more dramatic improvement than others. While age is the principal factor involved in tooth discoloration, there are also other issues that can contribute.

Smoking is a major risk factor for tooth discoloration. Consuming dark beverages such as coffee, soda, or wine can also cause some stains. While staining can be controlled through a good dental health regimen, changing these habits may lead to longer-lasting whiteness.

If you haven’t visited a dentist recently, a checkup and cleaning can be performed before whitening takes place. However, most patients are ready to have whitening performed within just a few minutes. Satisfying results are obvious by the time you leave the office.

Princeton Center for Dental Aesthetics and Implants is the #1 choice for bright, white teeth and a beautiful smile.

Our knowledge of beautiful, healthy teeth is second to none. From Mercer, Hunterdon, Somerset, or anywhere else in New jersey, call 609-924-1414 to learn more about the benefits of our teeth whitening.